DeepTrench Rhino

Toy Rhino is a brand for the creation and distribution of original animation content

Television Craft-Fully Animated piece
Online People's Telly-People's Telly: Video / Shows / Segments
Television General-Children

Telly Awards

Three heroes have to challenge a mad scientist to protect the world’s emotions from being destroyed. The First Greeting Card is an epic story featuring robots, ancient history, and incredible futurism. The show's message is built around love, forgiveness, and never losing hope for a better today.

Emotions are Equations- The Hope of Christmas - Micheaux Film Festival

Greeting cards are more than paper. They can be a powerful force for connection. That is the premise of Emotions are Equations. Set in the future, where children are learning about the holidays of planet Earth, they create their own greeting cards to send to other children living on a rotating space station.
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